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GEOSYNTHETICS: TENAX geosynthetics for civil and environmental engineering: geogrids for soil reinforcement, geogrids for soil stabilization, retaining walls and reinforced slopes, roads and railways stabilization, geomats and geocells for erosion control


Soil reinforcement

Soil stabilization

Erosion control

TENAX geogrids

Construction of retaining walls with geogrids

TENAX solutions for railways

Stabilization of landslides

Paved and unpaved roads

Landfill capping

Geosynthetics (Complete sitemap)

TENAX plastic construction solutions includes safety fences, snow and safety fences, modular barrier fencing, erosion control netting, ground protection and turf reinforcement, plaster reinforcement and anti-cracking nets, privacy and wind screens, debris control nets, insulations nets, pipes protection


High visible orange safety fence TENAX BEACON PLUS

Highly visible fluorescent safety fence TENAX KRYPTONIGHT

Personalizable safety fence TENAX LOGO

Modular barrier fencing system TENAX LIMIT 1

Strong snow and safety fence TENAX ALPI

Heavy duty snow and safety fence TENAX NORDIC II

Utility net for pipe coating TENAX AR 1545

Ground protection for temporary parking TENAX TR Turf reinforcement

Professional ground protection TENAX GP FLEX


Reinforcement and anti-cracking nets for plaster and concrete TENAX CRACKSTOP


Construction (Complete sitemap)

Metal alternative fences, deer fence, balcony protection, nets for plants support, predator control netting, windguard nets, poultry fences and caging, ground protection, Tenax plastic meshes for home and garden, metal alternative nets for fencing and safety, crop protection


Metal alternative net for protection and repair TENAX HARDWARE NET

Metal alternative fence for large areas - TENAX MILLENNIUM

Metal alternative fence for poultry and animal caging TENAX POULTRY FENCE

Multi-purpose fencing for wind protection TENAX WINDGUARD

Plastic fence TENAX SENTRY

Perimeter fence for gardens and flower beds TENAX GARDEN FENCE

Bird netting and predator control netting TENAX ORTOFLEX

Vegetable support net TENAX FLORA

Economical deer fence TENAX DEER NET FOLDED

Professional deer fence TENAX DEER FENCE C-FLEX

Deer fence kit

Home & Garden (Complete sitemap)


TENAX nets and meshes for agriculture and aquaculture: bale net wrap for wrapping bales of hay, straw and silage; turf harvest field netting and sod netting for the production of both rolled turf and sod grass; crop protection and bird control netting to protect crops and fruits from bird damage, crop and vegetable support nets to support climbing vines and vertical growing plants and to facilitate flowers growing and cutting; perimeter fence for farming; meshes and netting for aquaculture for clam cultivation, oyster bagging and barrier netting for the shellfish industry.


TENAX BALE NET WRAP Extruded bale net wrap

Bird control netting for crop protection TENAX ORNEX

Predator control netting for crops TENAX ORTOFLEX

Crop and vegetable support trellis net TENAX FLORA

Professional crop and vegetable support trellis net TENAX HORTONOVA

Turf Harvest/Field Netting/Sod Netting TENAX RADIX



Aquaculture netting for clam harvesting TENAX R9 Clam Netting

Aquaculture netting for oyster cultivation TENAX OYSTER BAGS

Aquaculture netting for cages, traps, and pens TENAX RAMADA

Aquaculture netting for protection from predators TENAX PLURIMA



Agriculture- Aquaculture (Complete sitemap)


TENAX tubular nets for PACKAGING: tubula nets for onion and garlic, packaging punnets of fruits, plastic nets for bags  of fruits and potatoes, Tubular net for protection and careful handling


Tubular net for onion and garlic

Packaging punnets of fruits

Plastic nets for bags of fruits and potatoes

Tubular net for protection and careful handling

Flat net for separation


Packaging (Complete sitemap)


TENAX INDUSTRY division: Rigid mesh tubes for filters, drainage spacer, pleating support, nets for support, reinforcement, filtration and separation


Pleating support

Rigid mesh tubes for filters

Outer protection for filters

Draining spacers for membrane

Nets for support and reinforcement


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