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Deer Fence, metal alternative fences, plant support net, predator control nets, bird netting, windguard net, poultry fence, mesh caging, garden meshes, balcony protection, crop protection





Metal alternatives

Metal alternative net for protection and repair - TENAX HARDWARE NET

Metal alternative fence for large areas - TENAX MILLENNIUM

Metal alternative fence for poultry and animal caging – TENAX POULTRY FENCE

Metal alternative net for fencing and safety – TENAX MULTI-PURPOSE NET silver


Deer fence

Economical deer fece TENAX DEER NET FOLDED

Professional deer fence TENAX C-FLEX

Heavy duty deer fence TENAX C-FLEX P

Deer fence kit


Perimeter fence

Perimeter fence for gardens and flower beds TENAX GARDEN FENCE

Versatile perimeter fence TENAX HOME FENCE

Modular perimeter fencing TENAX LIMIT GARDEN

Perimeter fence for poultry and animal caging TENAX POULTRY FENCE

Perimeter fence for protection TENAX SENTRY

Perimeter fence for building cages TENAX RAMADA

Multi-purpose fencing

Multi-purpose fencing for wind protection – TENAX WINDGUARD

Multi-purpose fencing for drains and vents TENAX VENTGUARD

Metal alternative net for fencing and safety TENAX MULTIPURPOSE black

Multi-purpose fencing for predator control – TENAX ALL-PURPOSE NET


Ground protection



TENAX LAWNMAT SELECT Grass seed protective blanket to stop erosion and improve germination


Crop protection

Crop protection from predators TENAX ORTOFLEX


Vegetable support

Vegetable support net TENAX FLORA



Outdoor flames



Tool for sowing seeds TENAX PRO-SEEDER

Tool for fence installation TENAX FENCE TIES


TENAX Corporation
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TENAX, Manufacturer of plastic nets, meshes, fences and grids, since 1987