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TENAX geosynthetics products and applications




Soil stabilization

Paved and unpaved roads

Railroads and airport runways

Permanent and semi-permanent loads spread over large areas

Superficial structural foundations

Foundations of roadbeds, embankments and earth dams

TENAX solutions for railways


Soil reinforcement

Geogrids for the stabilization of landslides

Construction of retaining walls with geogrids

Slope crest enlargement

Construction of road and railway embankments

Containment embankments and reinforcement for waste landfill

Embankment for rock fall protection


Erosion control

Slopes with arid and rocky matrix

Slopes with vegetative matrix

Banks for earthen canals and waterways

Impermeable banks for canals, ponds and artificial basins

Landfill capping


TENAX Geosynthetics

Mono-oriented geogrid TT

Soil reinforcement geogrids system RIVEL

T-Block Retaining wall system for geogrid reinforced block walls

Bi-oriented geogrid LBO

Geocomposite (geogrid + geotextile) GT

Multi-layers geogrid MS


Reinforced geomat MULTIMAT R

Geocells TENWEB


Literature and technical info



Case histories archive

Geosynthetics terminology

Geosynthetics function


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