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TENAX plastic construction solutions includes safety fences, snow and safety fences, modular barrier fencing, erosion control netting, ground protection and turf reinforcement, plaster reinforcement and anti-cracking nets, privacy and wind screens, debris control nets, insulations nets, pipes protection




Safety fence

High visible orange safety fence TENAX BEACON PLUS

Mid-economy grade safety fence TENAX DIAMEX

Lightweight visual barrier TENAX GUARDIAN

Highly visible fluorescent safety fence TENAX KRYPTONIGHT

Personalizable safety fence TENAX LOGO

Diamond mesh safety fence TENAX SENTRY

Square mesh safety fence TENAX SQUARE NET

Light and resistant safety fence TENAX ULTINET

Safety fence for signaling TENAX SAFEGUARD

Modular barrier fencing system TENAX LIMIT 1

Snow and safety fence

Strong snow and safety fence TENAX ALPI

Mid-grade snow and safety fence TENAX SAF-T-SNO

Heavy duty snow and safety fence TENAX NORDIC II

Economical snow and safety fence TENAX SNO-GUARD



Utility and Insulation nets - Pipeline protection

Multi-use utility nets TENAX CINTOFLEX


Utility net for pipe coating TENAX AR 1545

Rock Shield Pipeline Protection TENAX PIPE GUARD


Erosion control

TENAX MULTIMAT for turf reinforcement and revegetation

TENAX RADIX for securing loose mulch

Woven geotextile for erosion control TENAX SILT FENCE

Lightweight erosion control netting TENAX S-40

Medium-weight erosion control netting TENAX R-18

Medium-weight erosion controll netting TENAX S-31

Heavy-weight erosion control netting TENAX S-25 LW



Ground protection

Ground protection for temporary parking TENAX TR Turf reinforcement

Professional ground protection TENAX GP FLEX

Heavy duty ground protection TENAX TRACKWAY


Privacy and debris control

Protection of construction site and debris control TENAX C-FLEX, TENAX CINTOFLEX



Plaster reinforcement and anti-cracking nets

Reinforcement and anti-cracking nets for plaster and concrete TENAX CRACKSTOP

Reinforcement and anti-cracking nets for plaster TENAX ARMAFLEX



TENAX REBAR CAPS for protection against unwanted injuries



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