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TENAX nets for agriculture and aquaculture Malla TENAX para agricultura y acuicultura
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TENAX nets and meshes for agriculture and aquaculture: bale net wrap for wrapping bales of hay, straw and silage; turf harvest field netting and sod netting for the production of both rolled turf and sod grass; crop protection and bird control netting to protect crops and fruits from bird damage, crop and vegetable support nets to support climbing vines and vertical growing plants and to facilitate flowers growing and cutting; perimeter fence for farming; meshes and netting for aquaculture for clam cultivation, oyster bagging and barrier netting for the shellfish industry.






TENAX BALE NET WRAP Extruded bale net wrap


TENAX BALE NET WRAP Knitted bale net wrap


Bird control netting for crop protection TENAX ORNEX


Predator control netting for crops TENAX ORTOFLEX


Bird Control Netting for Crop Protection TENAX ALL PURPOSE NET


Heavy Duty bird control netting TENAX S-31


Crop and vegetable support trellis net TENAX FLORA


Professional crop and vegetable support trellis net TENAX HORTONOVA


Turf Harvest/Field Netting/Sod Netting TENAX RADIX


Turf Harvest/Field Netting/Sod Netting TENAX A2


Perimeter fencing for farming and construction environments TENAX RANCH 1







Aquaculture netting for clam harvesting TENAX R9 Clam Netting


Aquaculture netting for oyster cultivation TENAX OYSTER BAGS


Aquaculture netting for dividers and protection TENAX MARINE NET


Aquaculture netting for cages, traps, and pens TENAX RAMADA


Aquaculture netting for protection from predators TENAX PLURIMA







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