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TENAX Multi-layer Geogrids for Weak Soil Stabilization & Base Reinforcement

TENAX Multimat and Tenweb for Soil Erosion Control

TENAX T-Block Retaining wall system for geogrid reinforced block walls

TENAX T-Block Retaining wall system - Photo Archive




Civil engineering solutions

Geo- environmental engineering solutions




Installation guide for TENAX T-Block retaining wall system for geogrids reinforced block walls

Installation guide for TENAX RIVEL System for reinforced soil walls and steep slopes

Installation guide for TENAX bi-axial geogrids

Installation guide for TENAX MULTIMAT on slopes and channels

Installation guide for TENAX TENWEB geocells





TN1 - Advantages of multi-layer geogrids versus single layer geogrids

TN2 - Multi-layer versus single layer geogrids: in ground test for geosynthetic reinforced flexible paved roads

TN3 - MS Multi-layer geogrids in the field: The Lousiana Transportation Research Center

TN4 - Multi-layer versus single layer geogrids: Pullout Testing

TN5 - Why geogrid aperture rigidity is not relevant to the performance

TN6 - Laboratory evaluation of geogrids performance in unpaved roads - University of Tennessee







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Control de la erosión


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