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Tubular nets for cylinders protection


Tubular nets for cylinders protection
TENAX manufactures tubular nets for the protection of cylinders and large items during the storage and transport.

Using paints “environmentally friendly” could cause shorter duration of painting cycles such that it’s necessary to increase the protection of the surfaces against shocks and chafing.

TENAX tubular nets: strong and elastic, simple to fit, guarantee of durability on cylinders, extinguishers and tanks.
Guaranteed protection of painted or treated parts
High resistance against oil and grease aggression
Less painting cycles
Elimination of the problems caused by rubbing or condensate
Wide range of diameters all available in the warehouse
Fully recyclable
Versatility of use

Tubular nets for cylinders protection
Product Diameter
Roll length
TP 200 100-200 200 dark green verde
TP 220 125-250 100 neutral neutro
TP 230 150-300 100 blue verde
PS 950 190-250 30 neutral neutro
PS 1150 250-400 30 neutral neutro
PS 1200 350-550 30 neutral neutro
Tubular nets for cylinders protection
TENAX tubular net

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