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Tubular net for protection

rete tubolare per la protezione di parti meccaniche

TENAX TP and TENAX PS nets are polyethylene tubular nets recommended for the protection of semi-finished mechanical parts with high finishing and precision, items with painted, galvanized, electropolished or zinc-plated surfaces.
TENAX has specifically designed two different types:

ELASTIC: elastic nets that adapt perfectly to the most irregular forms

PROTECTIVE: a wide range of protective nets, against any risk

The fact that the nets can be used several times reduces the production of rejects and decreases costs.

Guaranteed protection of painted or treated parts
High resistance against oil and grease aggression
Elimination of the problems caused by rubbing or condensate
Wide range of sizes, diameters, thicknesses and colors, available upon request
Reasonable costs
Universal and versatile packaging
Reusable and fully recyclable
Product Ø min/max
winding color
TP 20/15 20-50 200 reel clear neutral
TP 45 35-80 200 reel blue blue
TP 95 50-100 200 wheel pink pink
TP 140 70-160 200 wheel ochre ochre
TP 210 120-250 50 wheel black black
Product Ø min/max
winding color
TP 5 7-15 200 reel


TP 10 10-20 200 reel


TP 15 15-30 200 reel light blue light blue
TP 20 25-50 200 reel blue blue
TP 50 35-70 200 reel yellow yellow
TP 75 50-75 200 wheel brown brown
TP 100 50-100 200 wheel red red
TP 150 75-150 50 wheel orange orange
TP 180 125-200 50 wheel light green light green
TP 200 100-200 200 wheel dark green dark green
TP 220 125-250 100 wheel clear neutral
TP 230 150-300 100 wheel blue blue

Tubular nets, not included in the list of standard nets, are available for special applications. We can produce nets with special features upon request diameter, polymer, etc..

The new concept of tubular nets in dispenser

The TENAX tubular nets are wound onto traditional reels or "wheels" that guarantee fast unwinding in any situation.


Each reel or wheel is packaged in a new cardboard dispenser-box, which makes net unwinding and cutting easier thanks to a simple but efficient system. Furthermore, the dispenser-box protects the net against dirt, dust and light.
Wheel-winding is the best solution for tubular nets with a wide diameter. The wheel guarantees the net’s flatness up to the last centimeter of the mesh

TENAX TP nets are designed to protect items against collision and damage caused by contact rubbing, events that often take place during handling and storage in the warehouse or during the shipment of parts packaged without protection.

tubular net for chair legs protection

rete tubolare per la protezione di bombole ed estintori

rete per la protezione di bottiglie

rete tubolare per la protezione di parti meccaniche

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