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Pallet wrapping net



palletizing products



allows load aeration and other treatment of palletized goods (cooling, heating, drying, fumigation)
allows visibility of goods so that inspection can take place without damaging the packaging
fits pallet loads perfectly due to their flexibility
is highly resistant due to a special production process of extrusion and stretching
easy to use and designed to fit standard pallet wrapping machines





pallet wrapping nets


TENAX has conceived and developed its range of pallet wrapping nets to satisfy all handling and transport requirements and different types of loading, whether light or heavy.
TENAX pallet wrapping nets come in two forms:

Bi-oriented nets
which are known and used worldwide.


Bi-oriented laminar nets
Rolls are less bulky and save money in freight charges and handling time.



TENAX palletizing nets are not stock items and a minimum order quantity is required. Smaller rolls suitable for hand rollers available to special order. Other sizes and types available on special request.






Flyer - Pallet wrap

TENAX A1 Pallet Wrap data sheet


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