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TENAX products for fencing and construction


TENAX specializes in the production of nets and meshes for use within the packaging sector.

As manufacturers we are able to produce products for your specific requirements should you require, for example, a different color, size or mesh structure.


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Bar shelf netting
Pallet wrap
Tubular nets for bottles protection
Tubular nets for cylinder protection
Tubular nets for handling and protection
Tubular nets for packaging citrus potatoes and vegetables
Tubular nets for packaging meat products
Tubular nets for packaging mussels and shellfish
Tubular nets for packaging onions, garlic and scallions
Tubular nets for packaging toys
Tubular nets for punnets packaging


Food packaging


Packaging onion & garlic

Tubular nets with high elasticity for line-packaging of onion and garlic. Suitable for packers of vertical bags.


Packaging onion and garlic

Tubular net for punnets of fruits

Tubular nets for punnets suitable for food contact; standard and customized colors.

tubular net for punnets of fruits

Bags nets for fruits and potatoes

Tubular and flat nets for the packaging of potatoes, vegetables and citrus fruits.

bags net for fruits and vegetables
Packaging of dry fruits
For dried fruit, legumes in bags on automatic or semiautomatic packaging lines.
packaging dried fruits
Packaging of shellfish
Their open mesh allows aeration of the products, thus allowing them to remain fresh longer.
Packaging of shellfish
Packaging of meat products
Ideal for packaging ham and salami; their elasticity allows them to mould to the shape of the product.
Packaging of meat products

Protective packaging

Tubular net for protection

TENAX tubular nets to protect items against collision and damage caused by contact rubbing during handling and storage.


tubular net for protection

Flat net for separation and protection

Flat nets for the separation and protection
of mechanical products.

flat net for separation and protection

Tubular nets for cylinders protection

Strong and elastic, simple to fit, guarantee of durability on cylinders, extinguishers and tanks.

Tubular nets for cylinders protection

Tubular nets for bottles protection

TENAX tubular plastic nets protect glass bottles by knocks and bumps during transport.

Tubular nets anti-shock bottles

Pallet wrapping net

Pallet wrapping nets to satisfy all handling and transport requirements and different types of loading

wrapping nets

Packaging toys and footballs

Restraining pallet loads

Soft sponge netting

Bar shelf netting

packaging of toys and footballs Restraining unstable pallet loads Soft sponge netting bar shelf netting

TENAX Corporation
4800 East Monument Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21205, USA

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Manufacturer since 1987