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Bar shelf netting


bar shelf net

Speeds up glassware drying
Cushions and protects glassware
Improves airflow eliminating condensation
Six attractive colors to suite your kitchen or bar environment: green, red, black, blue, white and clear

TENAX CN 27 is an extruded plastic net made from a non-toxic polymer used in kitchen and bar areas.
It speeds up glassware drying by improving airflow to the insides of cups and glasses thus eliminating condensation.
TENAX CN 27 cushions and protects glassware and china from chipping and breakage as well as improves hygiene by keeping drinking edge away from bacteria breeding surfaces.

bar shelf nets
Bar shelf netting
Product thickness
color roll size
sales unit
CN 27 2
green green
red red
black black
blue blue
white white
clear clear
0.6x10 4 rolls x box

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