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Production process

production process
The production process




Tenax nets


TENAX meshes and nets are produced through the process of polymer extrusion.
The two principal components of polymer extruders are the extrusion "head" and the "die". The head has the function of directing the liquid polymers towards the die. The die - according to its shape and configuration - determines the principal characteristics of the net or the perforated membrane during extrusion.
The result of the extrusion process can be the finished net or a semi-finished product ready for further stages of manufacturing.

Longitudinal orientation
The molecular orientation of the polymers provides a noticeable increase in the tensile strength of the net. For this reason some types of net undergo a process of longitudinal stretching during which orientation of the molecules takes place. The nets manufactured in this way (known as 'mono-oriented') have the benefit of improved mechanical characteristics in the direction of the stretching.

Transversal orientation
This refers to a successive process similar to the above but which takes place in a transverse direction. In this way the net which has already been stretched in a longitudinal direction is now stretched in the transverse direction - resulting in a product which is both lightweight and extremely resistant in both directions. Nets produced in this way are known as 'bi-oriented' or "stretched nets".

Calendering is a process during which the thickness of the product is regulated. This is achieved by passing the product between two rollers at a measured pressure.

The cutting of the mesh can be carried out in a longitudinal or transverse direction. The longitudinal slit creates flat nets of various heights, whilst the transverse cut allows the client to have, on request, pieces cut to measure to specific measurements.

Some meshes can be manufactured with a smooth selvedge to make handling and installation easier.




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