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Nets for support and reinforcement




Support for synthetic or

Supports for synthetic or
natural fibers



Dimensional stability and regularity

High mechanical resistance
Flexibility and reinforcing
Tear resistant
Thin and light weight






TENAX extruded bioriented plastic nets have many of applications as reinforcement in the production of industrial fabrics, mixed laminar, plastic and/or paper composites and for the structural support of polyurethane seats for cars, trains and planes.

Unlike woven structures, extruded bioriented nets have the clear advantage of being ladder-proof and maintain high dimensional stability throughout the production process. This enables us to obtain products whose physical-mechanical characteristics are the ideal complement to fabric, wrap or paper.

The TENAX molecular orientation process enables to archive uniform mechanical characteristics, even on nets that exceed 4 metres in height, so that the performance of the finished product is remarkably incresed.

Bioriented nets are produced with weights and meshes suitable for any application.


Nets for the support and the reinforcement
Max width 6 m
Min thickness 0,23 mm
Max thickness 0,7 mm
Min utilization temperature -40°C
Max utilization temperature +120°C
Colour* colorless
Mesh quadrangular
Weight starting from 5 g/m2

* other colors on request





PP polipropilene

PP Polypropylene

Excellent mechanical qualities
Resistant to chemical agents
Resistant to high temperatures

Consumer products
Consumer products

Automotive and industry
Automotive and industry

construction materials
Construction materials

Paper reinforcement
Paper reinforcement


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