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Case histories

    stabilization of weak subgrade Minnesota     Texas light rail stabilization     multilayer geogrids for FHWA reconstruction  
  Project pdf Multi-layer geogrid to stabilize weak subgrade for community athletic complex   Project pdf Value engineering of ms geogrids to replace chemical stabilization for Texas light rail expansion   Project pdf Multi-layer geogrid for reconstruction of FHWA, Western Federal Lands  
  Location Sartell, Minnesota   Location Darrollton to Denton, Texas   Location Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington  
  Product TENAX MS geogrid   Product TENAX MS geogrid   Product TENAX MS geogrid  



Tenax geogrids for roadway widening




geogrids to replace imported aggregates for base rinforcement




TENAX geogrids for railway stabilization

  Project pdf TENAX geogrids for raising the elevation and widening a full-depth asphalt roadway, Channahon, IL   Project pdf Geogrids to replaces 6” of imported aggregates in base reinforcement application of Intermodal Yard   Project pdf Multi-layer geogrid provides stabilization for Montana Railway  
  Location Channahon, IL   Location Kendleton, TX   Location Brodview, Montana  
  Product TENAX MS geogrid   Product TENAX MS geogrid   Product TENAX MS geogrid  






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