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Superficial structural foundations



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superficial structural foudnations







When designing shallow foundations it is necessary to:

  • Guarantee an adequate safety factor to prevent puncturing caused by insufficient bearing capacity;
  • Reduce settlement, and in particular differential settlement, within acceptable limits.

Placing one or more layers of bioriented TENAX geogrids beneath the foundation can augment the bearing capacity of shallow foundations.

In fact geogrids allow for uniform foundation settlement, minimizing the risk of differential settlement and effectively limiting horizontal soil deformation.

The confining action of the soil beneath the foundation prevents localized rupture or puncturing which can cause the foundations to sink.

The surface on which global rupture failure occurs is deepened and enlarged by the geogrids and for this reason the soil shear strength and bearing capacity are increased considerably.







TENAX LBO geogrid

TENAX GT geocomposite







Tenax geogrids for a reinforced soil wall
A reinforced soil wall can profit of the stabilization provided by TENAX bi-oriented geogrids against bearing capacity failure.

Tenax geogrids to reinforce and distribute the load
TENAX bi-oriented geogrids distribute the load over a wider area and prevent punching failure within the reinforced fill: in this way the failure surface is enlarged and deepened, with a resulting increase in bearing capacity.

1. Deep failure surface with high shear stress developed;
2. Load distribution curves;
3. Enlarged shear resistant surface, increased by TENAX geogrids.




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