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railroads and airport runways stabilization estabilización de vías férreas y aeropistas
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Railroads and airport runways



airport runway reinforced with Tenax geogrids

Seul (S. Korea)

International Airport runway reinforcement
with TENAX LBO geogrids.

geogrid installation of runway for light aircraft

Yverdon-les-Bains (Switzerland)

Installation of TENAX geogridS over soil
with very weak bearing capacity for
installation of runway for light aircraft.


Stabilization of a railway track with Tenax geogrids and geocomposites


Stabilisation of a railway track on severely
yielding soils by the use of TENAX geocomposites
and geogrids.



The rapid passage of trains, the take off and landing of airplanes in very brief intervals of time, apply dynamic loads to the soil resulting in very intense compression and decompression cycles.

The foundation, being thus subjected to fatigue stresses, can undergo fracturing up to the point of collapse. Under these conditions, both very thick layers of aggregate, and frequent and expensive maintenance are required (although these maintenance costs are high, by far the most important cost factor is the reduction in revenue caused by the disruption of services).

One or more bioriented TENAX LBO or TENAX MS geogrid layers, laid on the base of the railway ballast or airport runway, constrain the aggregate by laterally confining it, and creating the necessary tensile forces. The aggregate’s thickness can therefore be reduced with considerable savings.

TENAX LBO geogrids are used to confine railways ballast; wide aperture geogrids are available for this purpose.

TENAX geogrids’ considerable rigidity and composition guarantees, in fact, a long-term effect as far as both mechanical and chemical resistance are concerned, even when used under very aggressive conditions.

When it is necessary to prevent the pumping of fine particles, a TENAX GT geocomposite can be installed at the aggregate interface, or if the goal is to facilitate drainage, a TENAX TNT geocomposite can be used instead.






TENAX LBO geogrid

TENAX MS geogrids

TENAX GT geocomposite



deformation caused by the dynamic load provided by the passage of trains

The dynamic load provided by the passage of trains quickly produces deformation of the ballast and of the base layers on soft subgrade.



deformation of an airport runway

An airport runway on soft soil may undergo premature deformation due to lack of lateral confinement of the aggregate and to pumping of fines from the subgrade.

railway stabilization using geogrids

railway stabilization using geosynthetics

TENAX geosynthetics allow to obtain a stable railway and firm airport runways



1. Soft soil
2. Granular soil
3. Ballast
4. Deformed profile
5. TENAX TENDRAIN or TENAX TNT geocomposites
6. TENAX bi-oriented geogrids
7. Asphalt or concrete pavement
8. TENAX geogrid for asphalt reinforcement


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