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landslides stabilization estabilizacion de deslizamiento de tierras
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Stabilization of landslides



landslides stabilization





TENAX TT geogrid

TENAX RIVEL geogrid System and vegetative mat

TENAX T-Block Retaining wall system for geogrid reinforced block walls



To restore a failed slope, the soil is often substituted with a different type of soil with superior geotechnical properties, significantly increasing material procurement costs and the environmental impact.


In these cases, the use of TENAX TT geogrids allows the reconstruction of the slope by taking advantage of the on-site soil and assures a steep vegetated face.


In this way the environmental impact is minimized and the reinforced slope is reintroduced back into its natural state without causing a negative environmental impact.

To restore a landslide, it is necessary to remove the collapsed soil, to grade the backfill slope and compact the foundation and to reconstruct the slope in layers of well compacted soil and geogrids.


Overall the slope can be more easily and much more rapidly restored since there are no foundations requiring excavation, no concrete formwork to set up, no reinforcement steel bars to align, and no time lost waiting for the cement to cure.


The inclusion of TENAX TT geogrid layers will intersect the failure slip circle and impede the progressive sliding and deterioration of the rebuilt slope. Of extreme importance is the fact that a geogrid/reinforced slope has an intrinsic seismic resistance.


Due to its superior elasto-plastic characteristics and to the damping effects conferred to the soil by the geogrids, the reinforced slope is not subject to failure during earthquakes, even when of considerable magnitude.










a typical slope failure

A typical slope failure


the geogrid reinforced slope
With TENAX geogrids the slope can be reinstated by reusing the same landslide soil



1. Profile after failure
2. Failure surface
3. Original profile
4. Excavation profile
5. Reinforced slope profile
6. TENAX TT geogrid


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