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construction of retaining walls construcción de muros de contención
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Construction of retaining walls



Construction of retaining walls

Construction of a retaining wall




TENAX TT geogrid

TENAX RIVEL geogrid system and vegetative mat

TENAX T-Block Retaining wall system for geogrid reinforced block walls






Reinforced soil, due to the usage of TENAX TT geogrids, is a technical and structural alternative to steel reinforced concrete or prefabricated cellular walls. From an economical viewpoint a reduction in the overall construction costs of at least 30% can be achieved.

This Reinforced Soil technology, because of the use of TENAX TT geogrids, allows for the construction of embankments and walls with “green faced” slopes, stable at inclinations of 80° or even more when concrete blocks or prefabricated TENAX concrete type elements are used as the facing elements.

These prefabricated concrete elements connect to the geogrids, which, thanks to their tensile strength and to their openings and thick bars, simultaneously anchor the face and internally strengthen the soil in a uniform manner with a greater effective action than that of anchoring systems made with discrete metallic strips or bars.

Furthermore, the notable flexibility of a Reinforced Soil structure allows for its use on soils having a weak bearing capacity as well, due to its ability to adjust itself to the settling of the base while undergoing only modest deformations.

In this way, it is possible to obtain considerable technical and economic advantages deriving from the lightening of the facade’s structure that no longer resists against soil thrust by gravitational means or by wall toe tilting reactions alone, but instead, through the soil’s increased frictional resistance due to the inclusion of geogrids.

When properly designed, such a structure offers a high factor of safety and has an increased capacity to support substantial static and dynamic loads.





retaining wall


1. Concrete blocks
2. HDPE geogrids
3. Distributed load
4. Soil pressure
5. Soil pressure due to distributed load






Geogrid reinforced counterscarp wall

Geogrid reinforced counterscarp wall

Segmental block retaining wall

Segmental block retaining wall

Geogrid reinforced face wall

Geogrid reinforced face wall covering a rock slope

geogrid reinforced wall for bridge abutment

Typical geogrid reinforced wall for bridge abutment

geogrid reinforced wall



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