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The Laboratoy


The testing laboratory

The modern testing instrumentation and the highly specialized personnel which together form the TENAX Laboratory, make it one of the most advanced facilities of its kind in the world.

TENAX LAB is renowned not only for its excellence in product development, but also in design support testing, the development of new testing methods, and in basic and applied research. Laboratory tests are performed with the most advanced equipment, some of which having been specifically developed by TENAX.

The TENAX laboratory is capable of performing tests to measure mechanical and hydraulic properties as well as the durability of geosynthetic products in accordance with standard international methods. The TENAX Laboratory constantly works together with Universities, research centers, and other specialized laboratories to consistently guarantee the highest levels of professionalism.

TENAX Testing Laboratory pays considerable attention to research, since it is the key to development. Both basic research (like U.V. resistance of geogrids and geotextiles or large scale triaxial tests on geogrids) and applied research (like rain simulation testing of geosynthetics for erosion control) are performed through dedicated testing programs.

Many of these programs are carried on in cooperation with some leading Universities. Students often make their Master or Phd thesis at the TENAX Testing Laboratory. Many of them have already obtained their degree by presenting the results of these innovative testing programs.

Field testing campaigns are sponsored all over the world by TENAX Testing Laboratory, in close cooperation with Universities and Research Centres, to validate the findings of laboratory tests. A non-exhaustive list of available methods for Geosynthetics, including geogrids, geonets, geotextiles, geomembranes and erosion control products, is:

  • Bearing capacity tests
  • Compression test
  • Compressive creep test
  • Direct shear test
  • Hardness test
  • Laboratory construction damage test
  • Oven aging test (thermo-oxidation)
  • Peel and shear tensile junction strength
  • Polymer melt flow index test
  • Polymer specific gravity test
  • Pull-out test
  • Puncture resistance (CBR) test
  • Single rib tensile test
  • Tensile creep test
  • Tensile junction test
  • Thickness test
  • Transmissivity test
  • U.V. exposure
  • Wide width tensile test

TENAX Testing Laboratory is one more example of the commitment of TENAX to excellence. The highest quality in Geosynthetics through testing, research and development. To provide the Customers with the highest level of confidence in TENAX Geosynthetics for years and years of safe working conditions.

A data bank that is unique in the world


All laboratory test results are stored in a computerised data bank which makes them constantly available on-line for the necessary quality assurance as well as for the development of new products and innovative solutions.

Thus, these knowledge resources constitute a valuable source of information and data for the Group, and also a very useful tool for the universities for which TENAX is an important reference for the study of materials and their application.

The TENAX Testing Laboratory
The TENAX Testing Laboratory

Wide Width Tensile Test
Wide Width Tensile Test

Wide Width Tensile Test
Wide Width Tensile Test

Microscopic analysis
Microscopic analysis

Creep test
Creep test

Single Rib Tensile Strength
Single Rib Tensile Strength

Transmissivity test
Transmissivity test

Every year TENAX invests an average of more than 5 percent of its sales turnover in research and development.

These resources provide continually increasing knowledge of the possible applications for materials, even in completely innovative areas.


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