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Case Histories Archive


Reinforced fill slope for Nent Landfill, Hong Kong

Retaining walls using geogrids for St. Petersburg ring road, Russian Federation

Retaining wall in Trstena Bypass, district Tvrdošín in Slovakia

TENAX reinforced slope for Northumberland sculpture, Cramlington, UK
TENAX reinforced pulverised fuel ash embankments, Newton Cap Viaduct, England

Luxurious Residential Complex connected by an extensive road network, Giza, Egypt

17 meters high reinforced retaining wall for the construction of a new highway, Lebanon

Retaining wall for a bridge abutment in the highway interchange at Gia Nghia, Vietnam

TENAX geogrids for Geo Panel system in a wall construction, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan

A 35 m high reinforced slope in Taichung City, Taiwan

17 m high wall with an inclination of 80° and green facing, Iserlohn, Germany

Construction of a 7,00 m high wall for a highway linking the Northern entry into Beirut with the City Centre, Lebanon

Construction of retaining walls for access ways and landscaping on a sloping residential development located in Balmain overlooking Sydney Harbour

A retaining wall structure for filling and levelling the site for the construction of a warehouse and a distribution centre at Arndell Park, Sydney

Construction of two reinforced earth bunds in Southampton, UK

M3 side road slope repair, Surrey, UK

Landslide consolidation in Boscaccia, Sondrio, Italy

SH3, Region 3, Mokau Bridge Replacement, Taranaki, New Zealand

Embankments construction of reinforced soil with TENAX TT mono-oriented geogrids and control erosion protection with TENAX MULTIMAT 100 geomats at the Marine installation of Huatulco, Oaxaca in Mexico

Slope stabilization using TENAX reinforced soil slope system in Venosa, PZ, Italy
pdf Multi-layer geogrid to stabilize weak subgrade for community athletic complex, Sartell, Minnesota
pdf Value engineering of ms geogrids to replace chemical stabilization for Texas light rail expansion, Carrollton to Denton, Texas
pdf Multilayer geogrid to stabilize the closure of a wastewater treatment impoundment, Phenix, Alabama
pdf Multilayer geogrid for clay reinforcement Blair, Nebraska
pdf TENAX MS 330 aids in raising the elevation and widening of a full-depth asphalt roadway, Channahon, IL
pdf Multi-layer geogrid to stabilize sludge landfill capping, Grand Prairie, Texas
pdf Multi-layer geogrid for reinforcing a parking lot pavement base, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
pdf Multi-layer geogrid provides stabilization
for Montana Railway, Brodview, Montana
pdf Multi-layer geogrid MS 330 replaces 6” of imported aggregates in base reinforcement application of Intermodal Yard, Kendleton, TX
pdf Multi-layer geogrid MS 330 for reconstruction of FHWA, Western Federal Lands, Mt. Rainier National Park,
pdf TENAX MS 220 used to reinforce subbase in parking areas, Allen Park, MI
pdf TENAX MS 220 geogrid used to reinforce soft soils, Ann Arbor, MI
pdf TENAX MS 220 geogrid used as base reinforcement and subgrade stabilization
pdf TENAX MS 330 geogrid parking lot foundation reinforcement, Pennsylvania
pdf TENAX MS 500 geogrid for Lagoon Clay Liner stabilization, Nebraska
pdf TENAX MS 500 geogrid for base reinforcement for unpaved Haul Road, Ecuador
pdf TENAX geogrid for soft soil stabilization, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Geogrid for stabilization at Stags Holt Wind Farm, Cambridgeshire, UK

TENAX geogrids for Becconsall Lancashire drilling site, UK
Settlement control for Municipal Waste Landfill using TENAX GEORAFT System, Preston Waste Transfer Station, Lancashire, UK
Stabilisation of a road embankment, Patras-Athina-Thessaloniki Highway, Greece

Airpot runway /landing strip and a taxiway reinforcement, Yverdon_Les-Bains, Switzerland

Stabilisation of a road embankment on very soft clay soil, for the construction of a new Expressway in Bangkok, Thailand

Stabilisation of a road embankment on very soft marine silts and clay, for the Beheith Military Road Project, Kuwait

Road widening and reconstruction of Tarif-Madinat-Liwa Contract 2A Tarif interchange, Emirate of Abu Dhabi

Reinforcement of a Highway Embankment over peat layers, Balaton Lake, Hungary

Railroad line Trieste Vienna: railway ballast stabilization by means of geosynthetics

Erosion control mat to facilitate the long-term enhancement of vegetation stability
Erosion control mat to enhance vegetation stability, Lai Ping Road, Hong Kong

Erosion protection of a surface water drainage channel at Park Farm, Ashford

Erosion Control and vegetation of artificial slope trenches along S.P. Route 44 at Lentate, Milan and connecting road to S.S. 35 Dei Giovi, Italy

Surface stabilization and vegetation of 35 m long berm at entrance to the Aquatic Centre for 2000 Olympic Games, Sydney, Australia

Embankments construction of reinforced soil with TENAX TT mono-oriented geogrids and control erosion protection with TENAX MULTIMAT 100 geomats at the Marine installation of Huatulco, Oaxaca in Mexico



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Case Histories Archive




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