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Turf Harvest, Field Netting, Sod Netting TENAX A2 malla de cultivo de césped en campo TENAX A2
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Turf Harvest /Field Netting / Sod Netting - TENAX A2



Turf Harvest /Field Netting / Sod Netting - TENAX A2






TENAX A-2 is a net with rectangular mesh manufactured from polypropylene and is used during harvesting to wrap the turf in big, heavy-weight rolls.


The rolls, reinforced and protected by the net, are less damaged and lose less quantity of earth during transportation and installation with relevant advantages for the sod quality and installation time saving.




turf roll wrapped in Tenax A2 net
Turf roll wrapped in
TENAX A2 net

Simple to apply using agricultural equipment, TENAX Radix is laid on the ground just after seeding to encourage the growth and reinforcement of turf grass





Quick laying, ideal for all types of turf

Turf grass harvested earlier
More cost effective production
Less waste and improved quality
Less damage during transport





A2 Turf harvest, field and sod netting








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