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Professional crop and vegetable support trellis net malla para soporte de hortolizaz y flores
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Professional crop and vegetable support trellis net - TENAX HORTONOVA



Professional crop and vegetable support trellis net








TENAX HORTONOVA trellis net for vegetables and flowers support


plastic net for vegetables support



Professional crop and vegetable support trellis net TENAX HORTONOVA - Product line brochure


Professional crop and vegetable support trellis net TENAX HORTONOVA - Installation guidelines



TENAX Hortonova is a strong and versatile polypropylene mesh designed for growers as a gentle and more efficient support which helps increase yields by providing greater exposure to sunlight and air circulation for climbing vegetables as well as a support for flowers.


Due to its durability and practical natures, TENAX Hortonova is now being used by many agriculturalists and floriculturists.


It is available in a variety of widths and mesh sizes and is easy to handle and install.


TENX Hortonova fully satisfies the requirements of a variety of growing techniques, both vertical and horizontal.


The variety of sizes makes it ideal for either home gardeners or commercial growers.




Reduces installation labor costs
Is inexpensive, rot and rust proof
Provides better exposure to light and air
Is aseptic, reducing pesticide costs
Is resistant to UV rays and chemical agents
Maximizes cultivation density
Results in higher crop yields


Cultivation with Tenax plastic mesh for crops support

TENAX plastic mesh to support crops

TENAX plastic net for fruits support


TENAX Hortonova can be attached to fences as an invisible trellis to provide support for vertical climbing vines or can be used horizontally to support rows of large gardens. Professional mesh for the support of flowers
climbing vegetable support net plastic mesh for agriculturalists and floriculturists, It supports flowers and vegetables
Tenax net for crop and vegetable support: support for climbing vines and vertical growing plants and vegetables Tenax mesh to sustain climbing plants, flowers and vegetables
Tenax crop and vegetables support net provides better exposure to light and air and maximizes cultivation density TENAX HORTONOVA professional support net is the ideal solution for gardeners or commercial growers

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