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AFA - American Fence Association

American Fence Association

TENAX is member of AFA American Fence Association.



American Rental Association


TENAX is member of the American Rental Association - ARA.

The American Rental Association (ARA) is the international trade association for owners of equipment rental businesses and manufacturers and suppliers of rental equipment.




Direct Gardening Association DGA



TENAX is member of the Direct Gardening Association - DGA.

The Direct Gardening Association (DGA) is the only nonprofit organization serving the needs of companies involved in marketing gardening products to consumers.





The Geosynthetic Institute (GSI) is a consortium of organizations interested in, and involved with, geosynthetics. All types of geosynthetic materials are involved: geotextiles, geomembranes, geogrids, geonets, geocomposites, geosynthetic clay liners, geopipe and geofoam.




The International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) was founded in Paris, on 10 November 1983, by a group of geotechnical engineers and textile specialists (Council History). The Society brings together individual and corporate members from all parts of the world, who are involved in the design, manufacture, sale, use or testing of geotextiles, geomembranes, related products and associated technologies, or who teach or conduct research about such products.




GMA is a unique, consensus-building organization that promotes the technical and economic benefits of geosynthetics to the user community and, in turn, assists in building stronger civil infrastructures in a cost-efficient manner. GMA members are recognized as contributors to the geosynthetic industry's growth as well as the industry's future. GMA represents the entire geosynthetics industry, including manufacturers as well as companies that test or supply materials and offer services to the industry.




For over 40 years, the Solid Waste Association of North America has been the leading professional association in the solid waste field. The association serves over 7,500 members throughout North America, and thousands more with conferences, certifications, publications, and technical training courses.




ASTM International is one of the largest voluntary standards development organizations in the world-a trusted source for technical standards for materials, products, systems, and services. Known for their high technical quality and market relevancy, ASTM International standards have an important role in the information infrastructure that guides design, manufacturing and trade in the global economy.




ECTC’s mission is to be the recognized industry authority in the development of standards, testing, and installation techniques for rolled erosion control technologies.




American Society of Civil Engineers




American Public Works Association


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