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TENAX is a worldwide company with U.S. headquarters based in Baltimore, MD, and manufacturing facilities in Baltimore, MD, Evergreen, AL, and Ceres, CA.

TENAX Corporation manufactures and distributes a variety of products for the civil, environmental, commercial and industrial markets.


The total area that comprises Tenax Corporation in the United States is 564,000 square feet, dedicated to administrative offices, manufacturing, and warehousing.


Employing over one-hundred employees in the United States, TENAX recognizes the significance of being an American manufacturer and takes pride in producing their products with 100% virgin material that is not harmful to the environment in which its employees live.


TENAX is most known for the orange construction fence, but offers a variety of product categories such as safety fence, snow fence, erosion control, debris containment, deer barriers, and various other nets for an array of applications.


TENAX offers products for many market segments, including agriculture, retail, construction, OEM, civil and environmental engineering, and drainage. We invite you to view the multitude of products that we have available.


TENAX Corporation

TENAX Corporation

Manufacturing and Warehouse Facility

4800 East Monument Street
Baltimore, MD 21205


Phone: 410-522-7000

Toll free phone: 800-356-8495


Fax: 410-522-7015

Toll free fax: 877-836-2987




TENAX Manufacturing, LLC

Manufacturing and Warehouse Facility

200 Miller Sellers Drive
Evergreen, AL 36401


TENAX CA Warehouse

Warehouse Facility

1990 Rockefeller Drive
Suite 700
Ceres CA 95307

Phone: (209) 537-2763
Fax: (209) 537-2793

TENAX International


TENAX ITALY headquarter

TENAX headquarter in Italy


Established in Italy in 1960 as a company specializing in the extrusion of thermoplastic polymers, TENAX has been the rising star with constant growth in production.

Its corporate and organizational growth now places it as an International Group with a turnover of around 90,000,000 Euro of which 40% comes from outside the EU.

TENAX has 500 staff working in production units, technical and sales departments and distribution centers which are responsible for contacts with the various markets.



A widespread network of operating companies

Its detailed attention to the development of markets has led the TENAX Group to progressively extend its organization, favoring the establishment of numerous specialized production units.

After the establishment of the original Italian headquarters in ViganĂ² in the province of Lecco, the first company specializing in agricultural products was established in the province of Rieti, followed by a large production center in Maryland in the USA.

Other subsidiaries located in strategic countries throughout the world (France, Germany, Switzerland, USA, China) complete this multi-national organization.

The subsidiaries act as receiving centers for the geographical area under their responsibility in order to implement the Group's "know how" there and from where they benefit from operational autonomy for planning their development


The total area of TENAX's logistic and production organization throughout the world covers more than 300,000 square meters, 100,000 of which are dedicated to production plants.







TENAX Corporation
4800 East Monument Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21205, USA

Phone: 410-522-7000 • Toll free phone: 800-356-8495
Fax: 410-522-7015 • Toll free fax: 877-836-2987

Manufacturer since 1987